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I’m very pleased to be able to offer 2 different virtual coaching options:

Exercise Coaching:

I’ll send you a week’s worth of exercise programs (standard is 3 cardio, 3 strength training, but we can tailor that to your individual needs), and we’ll have an email dialogue for you to check in after each workout.  Virtual training is not as hands on as live in-person training, but it’s an alternative for those who are finding their calendars to busy to schedule set exercise times.  It is also more affordable than in-home personal training.  Studies have shown that folks with some sort of coach/trainer are more likely to achieve their fitness goals and stick with their fitness programs than those who do not have a coach/trainer.  Why not jump start your New Year’s resolutions and start on the road to a new healthier you!

Nutrition Coaching:

You’ll send me your weekly food journals for review, and together we’ll figure out your best choices for your unique goals (children’s nutrition, weight loss, etc.)  As with exercise, the difference between success and failure is often the support that you have.  Why not put me on your side, and let me help you in your kitchen.

We even offer a discount if you want both plans at the same time.   Please get in touch for more details.

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