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As you all know, I’m a huge proponent of exercise for health benefits, and an even bigger fan of working smarter, not harder.  I love our Heartzones program of using a heart rate monitor during cardio workouts to both measure the exercise effort and to use as guidance for the workout program.  New research in the field of exercise compliance and effort is proving that these are important parameters to pay attention to.
Test subjects that ‘adhered’ to the proscribed exercise load during a 15 week study  lost 3% of their body weight and improved other physical parameters.  (lower percentage of body fat, lower blood pressure, lower fasting glucose levels, lower resting heart rate, and lower cholesterol.  There was some benefits to subjects that just showed up for the exercise sessions but the biggest improvements were found in those that were meeting their training load goals.

With Heartzones training, we set you up with a proscribed program and a training load.  Just like you wouldn’t leave home for a new destination without a map or GPS guidance, you want to be exercising with a plan.
If you would like to improve your physical fitness thru smarter exercise, get in touch.  I have a few spots open this month for new cardio training clients.



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