Sweet Potato-Black Bean Enchiladas from ‘Better than Vegan’

I’m going to continue my culinary journey thru this fabulous cookbook, Better than Vegan.

In my house we are big sweet potato fans, so this looked like a winner even before I started. I was all out of cauliflower puree, since I used the last bit for salad dressing, so I did not make the chili gravy (also a recipe) that is called for, and opted for jarred tomato salsa. I am big fan of the rancho gordo heirloom beans and had a batch of cooked eye of the goat beans on hand, so I used these in place of black beans. I also omitted the jalapeno pepper as I thought that might be too much heat for the little guy.

Was the recipe easy? It was easy, but more complicated than a salad dressing, where everything goes in the blender. You first saute your sweet potatoes, onions and beans, then you heat and fill the tortillas, and bake. If you are using the chili gravy that is called for, you might be making cauliflower puree first, then your gravy, so definitely a dish for when you have a few extra minutes. I found the corn tortilla fell apart on me a bit, but since this was for family, not a formal dinner, it was fine, and the corn tortillas are gluten-free, an added requirement in my house.

Did we like it? We loved this one. My little guy even had a second helping, which doesn’t happen too often. Both guys (little and big) found it amusing that perhaps I used a hotter salsa than intended, but while spicy, it wasn’t too hot for any of us. I think the real culprit was the salt and black pepper to taste. I might have done a few too many turns of the pepper grinder.

Would I make it again? Yes. I think on days when I’m pressed for time, I’d make just the insides of the enchiladas, as the combo of the sweet potatoes with Caribbean spices was devine. But, the full recipe wasn’t too complex, I’d definitely do this one again. I think next time, I’d like to try it with the chili gravy, so I’ll plan on having cauliflower puree on hand.

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