’s Quinoa Cornbread

The other day I reviewed 2 recipes that I had found on the blog, by Cathy Fisher.  As I have gone gluten-free, I was very excited to find lots of gf options here.  The other night it was ridiculously cold out and I decided that a salad and some soup would make a great satisfying dinner.  I thought I’d experiment and try the quinoa cornbread.

Was it easy to make?  Yes, you cook the quinoa, which only takes about 20 minutes and is quite easy (water and quinoa, even I can’t mess it up), then you mix dry ingredients with wet and fold the cooked quinoa in.  Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes and you are done.  I made the recipe as is, I don’t usually modify baking as there is more science involved with getting liquid/dry ratios correct, and I don’t bake often enough to feel comfortable making too many changes.

Did the whole family like it?  My little guy was extremely excited, he thought that it was quite the treat, to have something ‘cake’ like with dinner.  The adults liked it as well.

Would I make again?  Absolutely.  I realized after I made it that I used polenta not cornmeal, so next time, I’d run the more coarse polenta thru the blender to grind it a bit more.  It tasted fine though.


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