Straight Up Food’s Lentil & Rice Loaf with Mushroom Gravy

This is review of 2 recipes on a blog that I just discovered.  Cathy Fisher’s Straight Up Food.  I made 2 recipes the other night, and they go together quite well.  The Lentil & Rice Loaf, and the Mushroom Gravy.

Was it easy?  Yes, it was easy, but it was time consuming.  You first cook the lentils and rice from scratch, then once the loaf is formed, it cooks for an hour.  It’s not a lot of prep time, but next time, I think I will make the rice/lentils ahead of time.  I felt rushed to get dinner on the table and while it had been over the 45 minutes allotted for the lentils/rice to cook, there was still water in the pot.  I should have left it on the stove till all water was absorbed/evaporated, but I didn’t, which made for an overly moist loaf.  It tasted great, but didn’t resemble a loaf when it was plated.  The mushroom gravy was very easy, and came together quickly.

Did the family like it?  They all enjoyed it, though the little guy liked his lentils and rice without the gravy.  Adults were in favor of gravy on the loaf.

Would I make it again?  Yes, but I’d do more prep work earlier in the day, or the day before.

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