Scalloped Potatoes from ‘Better Than Vegan’

Yesterday I wrote about a new cookbook from my friend and cooking mentor, Chef Del Sroufe called Better than Vegan.  I was pleasantly shocked to find that I really liked cauliflower puree and had to resist eating it before using it in other recipes.

Today I’m going to talk about the first recipe that I’ve made using the cauliflower puree.  But first, I want to backtrack and tell you more about this fabulous cookbook.  Chef Del tells his personal story in this book, and it’s quite moving and very powerful.  For those that don’t know, Del has lost over 200 pounds eating a low-fat, whole foods, plant-based diet.  These recipes are the ones he’s used on his weight-loss journey.  I’ve heard him say many times that first, the food has to taste good.  If the first two recipes that I’ve tried are indication, he’s done a great job on making healthy taste good!

Scalloped Potatoes can be found on page 206 in the Entree section.  It calls for four pounds of russet potatoes, and honestly, I’m not sure what kind of potatoes I actually used, since I buy at the farmer’s market.  I know they are white potatoes, not sweet, red or blue.  Otherwise, I followed the instructions as written.

Was it easy to prepare?:  Yes.  I made the cauliflower puree earlier in the day and it was sitting in the fridge, just waiting for me.  Peeling and slicing the potatoes was the bulk of the work.

Did we like it?:  Yes, everyone in the house loved this dish, including the resident 8 year old critic.

Surprises: Potatoes are quite filling, so I found the yield (serves 4) on this one was a bit off.  I think we ate less than half of the dish, (2 adults, 1 child) and will be enjoying leftovers the rest of the weekend.

Will I make this again?:  Absolutely

Sorry we have no pictures, though the cookbook has a fabulous one.  We had someplace to be right after dinner, so dinner went straight to the table with no time for photos.

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