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I have a wonderful rice cooker.  It makes perfect rice all the time.

Except when I forget to turn it on.

Most days, I can remember to put the rice up about 2 (or more, since it has a keep warm function that turns automatically when the rice is done)hours before I want to make dinner.  Occasionally, I forget.

If you don’t have a copy of “The New Fast Food” by Jill Nussinow, you’ll want to get one. She has lots of good recipes in this cookbook, but she also has lots of good advice and charts/tables for cooking just about anything (vegan or course) in the pressure cooker.  My pressure cooker saves the day when I forget to put up the rice in the rice cooker.  Brown rice is ready within a 1/2 hour, which is impossible otherwise.  (Hmm, I suppose I could send my husband out to the local Chinese take-out, but they usually take a long time, so I’m not sure that we’d really save anything by that method).

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