Q&A What are some strength training tips?

  1. If you haven’t consulted with a certified personal trainer, invest in a session or two for a form check.  Proper form is essential to avoid injury and to get the most out of your workout.
  2. Work your largest muscles first. (legs, back and chest). The smaller muscles will help out and will be pre-tired.  If you start with the smaller ones, they could be tired when you need them to assist and your form will suffer.
  3. Pick an appropriate weight.  If you go too heavy, you’ll have to stop before you finish all your reps, and/or your form will suffer, and if you go too light, you won’t get all the benefits of training.
  4. Mix up the exercises that you do.  While video workouts are quite helpful, you don’t want to get into an exercise rut, doing the same routines for each workout.
  5. Music!  Put on some uplifting, inspiring music, and your workout time will fly by.

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