Q&A Do Women Need Strength Training Exercises

Absolutely, women need strength training exercises.  Many women are afraid of bulking up, and will gravitate towards the cardio equipment in the gym, but a good exercise program will consist of cardio, strength training and flexibility/stretching. Women don’t have the hormones that will cause bulking, so they shouldn’t be afraid of lifting heavy weights.

Strength training is good for the body in many ways.  Muscles (and bones) adapt to the demands imposed on them.  A well structured program will help a woman increase her strength, which is useful in everyday life.  (Think carrying children, groceries, etc.).  Strong muscles require strong bones, and the exercises that strengthen muscles will also strengthen bones.  A sedentary individual will lose muscle mass as they age.  (the old “use it or lose it” principle).  A good strength program will halt this loss and even reverse it.  Finally, strength training is good for weight loss and appearance.  A pound of muscle is active and burns calories at rest.  A pound of fat does not.  For 2 people at the same weight, the one who is leaner (lower percentage of body fat) is going to burn more calories at rest than the one who is not.  Muscle becomes your friend in burning calories.

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