Q&A Do Fat Loss Products Really Work?

I guess it depends on what you consider a fat loss product.  My ideas of some great fat loss products are my running shoes.  Cardio vascular exercise such as running is great at burning fat, and proper footwear is important.  I also love my resistance bands (I use bodylastics) and my TRX suspension trainer for strength training.  Strength training is also good for fat loss.

If you are asking about diet pills and supplements, personally, I prefer to stay far away from them.   My recommendation is to look at the research on the product and see if there are long-term studies.  Does the product really do what it says, and is it really safe?  A study for a month doesn’t give me any confidence in long-term safety, I’m more interested in a study over a decade or more.  I’d rather burn fat thru exercise and a healthy diet, than take a risk on the latest diet craze pill turns out to be something harmful.

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