Potato-Crusted Mushroom Quiche from PlantPure Kitchen

With the success of the recent Carrot Loaf, I decided to try another entree from this cookbook. I have to say, I’m really liking this cookbook!

I didn’t make many substitutions with this recipe. I had shredded potatoes (from Trader Joe’s) in the freezer, and they definitely saved me some time (I’m all about saving the prep time in the kitchen… in case you didn’t notice).  **Note if starting from frozen with your shredded potatoes, let cook a little longer** I also used portobello mushrooms, instead of white button mushrooms, and I added in some shredded carrots, mostly because they needed to get used… no one likes it when your veggies become a science experiment in your fridge. I think I’d leave them out next time. Some substitutions work, some don’t.

Was it easy to make?  Yes.  Especially since I used the frozen shredded potatoes.

Did the family like it?  Yes, one had seconds and the other told me he would have had seconds if he hadn’t been snacking right before dinner (how did that happen?) – can you guess who that was? The husband or the child? Right… the husband!

Would I make it again?  Yes. Anytime I find a recipe that is easy to make, everyone likes and is healthy, it’s a keeper.

I would allow for more cooking time, but would still go for the frozen potatoes (less cleanup, less work means more time with the family) and the next time, I’ll skip the carrots. As for mushrooms, I think the portobellos have more flavor than plain white ones, and these were paired with shiitake ones as well so it was a good mix.

Check out this recipe and see how you can make it your own like I did!

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