Ode to My Pressure Cooker

I have to confess, when I first heard people raving about pressure cookers, I thought, no way.  I’m not having an exploding appliance in MY kitchen.  But I did some research.  And I found that the new models are much different than the ones from my grandmother’s day.  They don’t explode!  While I have a… Continue Reading

‘Cream’ of Broccoli Soup

It occurred to me this weekend, if I want my husband to be brown-bagging healthy lunches, I really need to cook in advance so that the freezer is well stocked, instead of just trying to rely on weeknight leftovers.  Since my husband is on a soup kick lately, and soups are ridiculously easy with my… Continue Reading

Potato-Crusted Mushroom Quiche from PlantPure Kitchen

With the success of the recent Carrot Loaf, I decided to try another entree from this cookbook. I have to say, I’m really liking this cookbook! I didn’t make many substitutions with this recipe. I had shredded potatoes (from Trader Joe’s) in the freezer, and they definitely saved me some time (I’m all about saving… Continue Reading