My personal weight loss journey

I have to confess that I’m a bit scared to write this post.  But a good friend  has been very encouraging and reminded me that it’s so important to be real.  For those who I haven’t met yet or those that haven’t known me very long,at first glance you may ask yourself, “how the heck does she think she can teach me anything about fitness, nutrition or weight loss”?  You see, I’m not a size 2, or even a size 6.  I am carrying a few extra (unwanted) pounds. So, if you are looking for a trainer to get ready for a fitness figure competition, I’m probably not her.  

If you are looking to get back your body after having a child, even if that child has already graduated college, or you want to improve your functional fitness so that you can stay active as you age, then I AM your gal.  I like to focus on HEALTHY first, and the weight loss will follow.  I take that approach in the kitchen and in the gym.  You won’t find me using the latest “fad” moves with clients, unless I know they aren’t going to have long-term effects. I want my clients healthy and active for the rest of their lives, not just to look good for a wedding or an upcoming vacation.

I’ve walked in your shoes.  I’ve never been skinny, but as you can see from my photo’s, I do have experience with losing weight (over 40 lbs) and keeping it off (over 10 years).  If fact, I’m still working on my weight loss story.  Even with a cranky thyroid, I am working on the excess.  So come join me, we can say goodbye to some lbs together.

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