I am now a Certified Heart Zones Trainer, level 2

I am thrilled to share with you that I’ve completed next Certified  Heart Zones training and am now a CHZT (certified Heart Zones Trainer) level 2.    What does this mean exactly?  If you are going to the gym  and getting on the same old cardio equipment and not getting any results, it means that you want to talk to me.  Learn to work out smarter, not harder.  Many folks will use a personal trainer for strength training, and that is a great idea, especially if you are just getting started, or need accountability.  But, cardio training is just as important.  You wouldn’t get in your car and just drive, expecting to arrive at a destination.  Exercise is similar, you need to first know where you want to go, and then have a plan to get you there.
With threshold training zones, we do some easy field tests with you, and then calculate your unique training zones.  These are dynamic, and will change as your fitness changes.  These are not the old formulas that are tied to your age, or your zodiac sign.  (Don’t even get me started as to why those are virtually useless for training purposes.).  From these zones, based on your goals, and your available exercise time, we’ll setup your cardio training program.  You will learn the benefits of each training zone, and your workouts will encompass all these zones.
We can use Heart Zones training to improve fitness, improve speed and lose weight.  It’s all question of what you want to achieve.  Get a jump on the holiday weight gain and start working out now, before the New Year.  I’m going to be able to accept a limited number of new cardio training clients this month, so get in touch and lets get started.

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