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This is less of a recipe with exact measurements, but rather a how-to. I have been trying to make my own hummus for a few years. The resident child has not approved. I think it’s the texture difference. The store hummus is very creamy, and mine was more chunky. I am a frequent visitor to www.fatfreevegan.com and Susan’s blog. I am also on a Yahoo email list from Susan, and I think it was there that I saw the idea to use the vitamix for hummus. What a difference. I made creamy hummus, and the child did not notice that it was any different than the store kind. Meanwhile, I was able to serve hummus that was oil-free. (Most store hummus is made with oil, which is why I wanted to make my own).

1 can of organic chickpeas with the liquid from the can, 1-2 tablespoons of tahini (I used regular kitchen spoons, and put in 2, so not an exact science to the measuring), a dab of lemon juice, a pinch of salt and a clove of garlic. I processed on high in the vitamix till it was smooth, and needed a spatula to get it out of the container.

Variations – unlimited, add in your favorite veggies. I will update this post when we try new varieties, but I had to share this one, since it was ultra easy, and kid approved!

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